the artistic possibilities
of designing with nature
Design and construct the man-made environment to be in harmony with the natural environment.


Robert Foote Shannon, Architect

Founder of the foundation in 1995, architect and GC of the buildings, designer of the landscape, and organizer of the foundation’s programs. BA Yale University cum laude, and MA Yale University, Alpha Rho Chi Medal.  He also paints.


Charles Brewer, Architect

Professor of architecture at Yale University, Chairman of the Architecture School at Ohio State University and author of the Book "Moonhole: the Rise and Fall of an Island Utopia".


Lawrence Linder, Architect

Architect, artist and photographer, currently working on a sustainability project called “Density Bump”.


Matt Brader, Artist

Artist in residence for 2016, and assistant programmer of activities.

Secretary and Treasurer

Steven Fellows, Master Gardener

Steven in charge of Landscape maintenance and innovations. He is preparing to begin work on the foundations rescape project, which will be documented on this website late in 2016.